Cleaning Wax And Wax For Cleaning

There are a few different ways to look at the term “cleaning wax”. First you have cleaning as an adjective. This is a type of wax used for cleaning. Then there is cleaning used as a verb as in cleaning up wax. We will look at both versions in this article.

Wax has a lot of good uses. It can help to keep your furniture looking nice. Wood furniture can be waxed to provide a protective coating on the wood. This helps to reduce scratches and stains and makes it easier to clean, too.

Wax is also sometimes used on metal, especially painted metal. A car is the best example of this. True car lovers understand the importance of keeping your paint job waxed to protect it from the elements. This requires some serious loving attention but it is worth it for the results.

The other type of cleaning wax is what must be done after a burning candle gets knocked over. As the candle burns the wax melts into a pool under the wick. When the candle is bumped or overturned the melted wax can spill out. This is a bad thing, as anyone who has been burned by candle wax will tell you, but it isn’t only bad for skin.

Wax hardens easily which poses a problem. When the wax is in liquid form and spills, say, on your carpet, the liquid nature of it allows it to seep into and around the fibers. This means it is extremely difficult to loosen and get out. But there are a few tricks you can use to remove as much as possible.

Remember when using these methods to take into account the type of surface and use common sense to make sure you don’t damage the surface. First of all, for cleaning wax that has dried on, try to scrape away as much as you can.

Next pour hot water over the solidified wax and use a wet or shop vacuum to suck up as much as you can. You can also cover the stain with a thick and absorbent paper such as a brown paper bag. Then use an iron on the paper to melt the underlying wax into the paper. There are also some solvents on the market you can use. Spray them on and they help to “dissolve” the wax, making it easier to get off. If these methods don’t work you can have the wax removed by a professional cleaning service.

Whether you are using cleaning wax or cleaning wax, there is no question that wax has some unique and useful/harmful properties. Make use of the good and avoid the bad whenever you can!

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Methods For Cleaning Rust

Probably everyone has had the experience of losing a loved item of clothing or other object to a stain. Either you didn’t realize that the stain was there and then washed and dried it, cooking the stain in, or you simply didn’t know what to do to remove the stain. It is a sad story, often told but one that you don’t have to repeat for yourself in the case of rust.

Metals that contain iron have a tendency to oxidize causing the metal to create that orange powdery substance. This leaves marks on whatever it is touching, be it a flat surface, clothing or even the metal itself. The rust stain can be very difficult to remove, especially from material but there are tricks to getting rid of it.

First of all, one idea behind getting rid of a rust stain is to use acid. Of course you don’t want to go pouring dangerous acidic compounds on your clothing and possessions, but there are natural sources of acid you can use for the job.

Some of the types of acid that work well in cleaning rust are citric acid, such as that found in a lemon or lime. Simply use the juice to rub into the stained area making sure you get it everywhere. Then rinse the area and dry it.

Another idea is to use a hand cleaner that contains no water. Work this into the area of clothing with the stain with a cloth or gentle brush and then rinse to wash it out. One thing to remember is to first test the cleaning method on a small and inconspicuous section of the stain to see if it works before doing the entire spot.

Another good idea is to try using a rust cleaner. These are special cleaning agents that are formulated specifically to remove rust stains. Carefully read the instructions on the package before using and follow them exactly if you decide to use it.

There are some stain removers that are supposed to work for all different types of stains, rust included. These are a good option, too although they may not always be effective.

Of course you need to get cleaning rust stains as soon as you notice them so there is a better chance for their removal. If you don’t have a rust cleaner on hand first try the acid or stain removal approach. Be sure not to heat dry the area before making sure the stain is gone. If it isn’t get a hold of a rust stain remover to hopefully do the job right.

You don’t want your clothes, upholstery or other household items to fall victim of rust stains. Following the above tips can help you get rid of rust stains so you won’t have to get rid of the item.

Find the Best for Cleaning Carpets

Like with any other service that you have done for your car and the like, you always make sure you get service that’s best in quality. You want something that is worth every cent and that brings forth beautiful results. On this note, it may not be any different when it comes to cleaning carpets and as you get ready to have your carpets cleaned, there are a few things to consider. The best method may be to have carpet cleaning done by professionals.

Professionals will clean your carpet the right way and with the essential tools. If you are getting your carpet steamed, these cleaners know the right temperature at which the water should be at for a particular type of carpet. Furthermore, they will be able to ensure that your carpet is thoroughly clean and have its former beauty as well as luster. In addition to this, the bacteria and other germs living in your carpet, even those deep down, will be killed. This is great news since allergens will be out of the air and away from your family. So how do you find the right professionals to clean your carpets?

There are various ways in which you can find a professional to ensure your carpets are clean and look brand new. The easiest way to find someone is to ask for referrals from family and friends who may have had a great experience. Another way for you to find the right group of carpet professionals is to go online and do a quick search.

No matter which method you use in finding a professional, keep in mind that you should not just choose whoever you end up seeing first as clean carpets reflect the owner of the home. So when you speak to various cleaners, ask them of the methods, as well as products, that they use. Here are methods which you should look for.

1. Dry extraction: an absorbent compound that contains detergents and solvents are infused into the fibers of the carpet by special machines and brushes. The mixture acts as a magnet by attracting oil, dirt, and soil.

2. Dry foam: a special solution that is applied to carpets. It is much drier than a wet-type solution and is worked into the carpet by machines. The foam is then removed by a wet vacuum.

3. Hot water extraction: this method is better known as steam cleaning carpets. A carpet cleaner uses hot water and infuses a cleaning solution into the carpet. Dirt and particles are immediately extracted.

So if you’re searching for professionals when cleaning carpets is the task, make sure to keep these things in mind. The cleaner or company that you end up choosing will be able to take care of your carpets the right way, leaving you with a beautiful-looking floor.