Cleaning Wax And Wax For Cleaning

There are a few different ways to look at the term “cleaning wax”. First you have cleaning as an adjective. This is a type of wax used for cleaning. Then there is cleaning used as a verb as in cleaning up wax. We will look at both versions in this article.

Wax has a lot of good uses. It can help to keep your furniture looking nice. Wood furniture can be waxed to provide a protective coating on the wood. This helps to reduce scratches and stains and makes it easier to clean, too.

Wax is also sometimes used on metal, especially painted metal. A car is the best example of this. True car lovers understand the importance of keeping your paint job waxed to protect it from the elements. This requires some serious loving attention but it is worth it for the results.

The other type of cleaning wax is what must be done after a burning candle gets knocked over. As the candle burns the wax melts into a pool under the wick. When the candle is bumped or overturned the melted wax can spill out. This is a bad thing, as anyone who has been burned by candle wax will tell you, but it isn’t only bad for skin.

Wax hardens easily which poses a problem. When the wax is in liquid form and spills, say, on your carpet, the liquid nature of it allows it to seep into and around the fibers. This means it is extremely difficult to loosen and get out. But there are a few tricks you can use to remove as much as possible.

Remember when using these methods to take into account the type of surface and use common sense to make sure you don’t damage the surface. First of all, for cleaning wax that has dried on, try to scrape away as much as you can.

Next pour hot water over the solidified wax and use a wet or shop vacuum to suck up as much as you can. You can also cover the stain with a thick and absorbent paper such as a brown paper bag. Then use an iron on the paper to melt the underlying wax into the paper. There are also some solvents on the market you can use. Spray them on and they help to “dissolve” the wax, making it easier to get off. If these methods don’t work you can have the wax removed by a professional cleaning service.

Whether you are using cleaning wax or cleaning wax, there is no question that wax has some unique and useful/harmful properties. Make use of the good and avoid the bad whenever you can!

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